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coordinated by DeAnne Braucht Martin


The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for all researchers of the BRAUCHT or BRAUGHT surname. This page provides links to searchable databases, related surname links, researchers index, and queries.

Origins of the Name

I do not know the exact origins of the surname. I DO know that BRAUCHT and BRAUGHT were used interchangably, until more recent history. (Other spellings were also used, but these are the most common.) I know of several BRAUCHT/BRAUGHT lines which are most likely connected, but not currently documented to be connected. These are the Daniel Braucht line, the Jonas Braucht line, and the Moses Braucht line. It is quite likely that these three were brothers, but no proof of that has yet been found (to my knowledge.) Of the Daniel Braucht line, some descendants of his son Adam have gone with the "C" spelling, while others have gone with the "G" spelling. The reason for this is unknown to me.

As for MY research, I tend to use the "C" spelling exclusively (since that is the way MY name is spelled.) Other researchers tend to use the "G" spelling, for the same reason. Just know that many of these people used both, either, and sometimes even other spellings. It may be that it was thought to show intelligence to be able to spell the same word many different ways, or it could be that some were unable to write or spell, and whoever wrote it for them, spelled it incorrectly. I know from my own life experience, even when you spell the name outloud for someone, they still don't always get it right! (On my own college transcript, it is spelled both with a "C" and a "G" in different places on the same document!)

I hope this helps some of you, especially "newbies". When I first started researching, I refused anything which was spelled with a "G", and this caused me to miss out on a lot of "FREE" information for quite some time! SO, know that whichever way YOU spell it, don't discount the other spellings!

Online Databases

DeAnne Martin's Genealogy - ROOTSWEB DeAnne Martin's Genealogy - GENCIRCLES

I post my database on both ROOTSWEB and GENCIRCLES. I like both for different reasons. They are both very easy to search and navigate. Rootsweb allows downloading of the GEDCOM file (if the submitter chooses this option, which I DO) and Gencircles has a great feature called Smart Matching, which shows matches to other databases on the site. I would suggest you check them both out. Many other BRAUCHT/BRAUGHT researchers also use both of these sites.

I would like to encourage everyone who submits GEDCOM files to RootsWeb, to select the "allow downloads" option, so that other researchers may download your file. This is so much easier than trying to copy the information one individual at at time.

BRAUCHT Surname Links

If you have a Braucht Home Page, please submit to the links page at Surname Web - BRAUCHT and in the BRAUCHT QUERIES on this site. I will post links to this page as they become available.

BRAUCHT Researchers Index

If you are a BRAUCHT researcher, please submit to the researchers page at Surname Web - BRAUCHT, and in my BRAUCHT GUESTBOOK. I will post a Researchers Index on this site as soon as it is available.


You may submit queries at the Surname Web - BRAUCHT page, and my BRAUCHT QUERIES page. PLEASE - check the queries often, so that you can help other BRAUCHT/BRAUGHT researchers with their family research. Query pages aren't much help if no one answers the queries.

Other BRAUCHT Documents

Autobiography of Daniel Braucht

This document was transcribed by me from scanned copies of a handwritten document submitted by Mike Weight. It is kind of a Travel Journal written by Daniel Braucht, son of Adam Braught and Rebecca Imboden.

1.5 kb
(prints 14 pages)
(16 pages, plus Intro page)
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More information will be coming soon. Please check back often.

If you are a BRAUCHT/BRAUGHT researcher, please click here to fill out my RESEARCHER'S FORM. This will help me to know who is researching, and to post the information here soon. There is space here for you to list your direct line, so that I can add this information to my Combined Database.


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